A Tech-priest is an adept of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are the members of the Cult Mechanicus, a priesthood which forms a hierarchy of technicians, scientists, and religious leaders. The Tech-priests provide the rest of the Imperium with its technicians and engineers.

Though their bodies often incorporate many mechanical components, Tech-priests are human, unlike the slave-machine Servitors which carry out all the heavy and monotonous labour for them. [1]A Tech-priest.


Dark MilleniumEdit

The Adeptus Mechanicus will likley be a playable faction/NPC ally if the player sides with the Imperium. Its possible playable character will likley be Tech Priest. A Tech Priest was seen fighting a Great Unclean One (GUO for short :) ) with a Space Marine. It was also seen firing a Lasgun at something off-screen


The Fabricator-General of Mars is the leader of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and as the Magos Mechanicus is also the head of its Cult Mechanicus. He also invariably holds a position on the High Lords of Terra. His subordinate and second-in-command is the Fabricator Locum.4

The Ruling PriesthoodEdit

  • Magos
  • Logis
  • Genetor
  • Artisan

The Ordinary PriesthoodEdit

  • Electro-priest
  • Enginseer
  • Rune Priest
  • Transmechanic
  • Lexmechanic
  • Runic Priest


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