The Enslavers, also know as Psyrens,Krell,Dominators or Puppeteers, are entities native to the warp


The history of the Enslavers is traced to the War in Heaven that had been fought millions of years ago between the C"tan led Necrontyr and the Old ones along with their sucsessor races. In this era, the Old Ones had engineered a number of species with a strong connection to the Warp to serve as a warrior race of Psykers against the Necrontyr. The growing pains of these Young Races disturbed the once-peaceful Empyrean, turning it into a hellish enviroment now inhabited by deadly warp creatures. Eventuall, they broke the boundaries between dimensions and amongst the most sucsessful of these Warp spawned creatures were none other than the Enslavers. Using their mental powers, they dominated the minds of the Young races and used the transmutated bodies of Pyskers as a portal to bring more of their kin into the matierial universe. The arrival of these Warp entities brought about the final downfall of the Old Ones as their creations fell both unwittingly, and unwantingly to the command of the Enslavers. Breaching the Immaterium in epidemic numbers, the Enslavers would take over what was left of the universe while the C"tan retreated to ride out the storm. Thus, the galaxy became a wasteland untill the Psyker swarm died off and allowed the galaxy they were in to emerge anew with new life.

The Necron lord Trazyn the Infinite is known to carry an ossified husk of an Enslaver amongst his many relics (Architect,Scientis AND Collector, who knew that could happen?.-). By the Age of the Imperium the origins of these creatures remained largley unknown to Mankind, and remain a mystery to them. In other parts of the galaxy they were known by nicknames such as Krell,Psyrens,dominators and puppeteers. Descriptions of these creatures are rare and fragmentary, but data on the appereance and feeding habits. The Ordo Malleus and the Ordo Xenos have a dual interest in Enslavers for their Warp Origins and the fact that they are an alien race. Numerous Enslavers were encountered by the Inquisition forces in the Scintilla system in 260.993.M41 and were subsequentley destroyed. Further evidence reaveals the Enslavers were embedded in a Rouge psyker smuggling ring notably headed by criminals. The Enslavers are believed to be a potential threat (Which they are not, but hey thats the Imperium for ya!) related to the Dark Patter that is unfolding in Jericho Reach.

Playability in Dark MilleniumEdit

The Enslavers will not be playable (Possible NPCs but highly unlikley, 99.9999% sure unlikley)