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In the short gameplay clip a player character Space Marine can be seen firing at a Feserting Cultist.

Known information Edit

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  • Festering Cultists weild Lasguns with an olive hue. They fire red coloured laser shots.
  • Some were masks that resemble bird beaks.

Trailer Edit


The Space Marine player character fires upon a member of the Festering Cultists who begins to flee.

Lots of the cultists of Sanctum look like rogue members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is speculated that they look like members of the Dark Mechancius, but this is dubious for several reasons. On the screenshot on the right you can see that icon thumbnail that represents the cultists looks much like a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus which mean that they is a big chance they are for the Dark Mechanicus cult. This idea is supported since Sanctum is forge world full of Tech-priests. Tech-priests are also prone to heresy, and if they fall to chaos they will worship the Machine God and the Ruinous Powers together. There was once a time when some of the members worshiped the Necron C'tan, the Void Dragon, as the Omnissiah.


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