The Warhammer 40,000 universe features an extensive number of races and species. As well as the major playable species many others also exist, or have existed, in the grim darkness of 41st Millennium.

This list is not complete.

Living Edit

Humans Edit

Main article: Humans

Humanity is one of the most populous species in the galaxy. Although, it's greatest power being that of the Imperium of Man humans have also existed in other forms in the galaxy.

The largest speratist human group that still exists are the "The Lost and the Damned" .

  • The Auretian Technocracy was a techno-society annexed by the Imperium of Man.

and and another "Imperium of Man" were past human confederacies destoried by the Imperium of Man.

Abhumans Edit

Humanity also has various mutated sub-species and ring species -- the "abhuman". Those being:

  • The Interex, humans mutated to Elf like forms. They had bat like ears and were capable of echolocation. They could communicate in what, to human ears, sounded like music. They empire had strong bonds with the Eldar. Their numbers after being annexed by the Imperium is unknown.
  • The Ratlings or Homo sapiens minimus (Stunties, Runtlings, Halflings) are humans who settled on worlds with abundant harvests and production capablity. They have evolved into stunded and miniture forms. They exist on their original homeworlds as vassal states of the Imperium. They serve as snipers for the Imperium of Man.
  • The Nurt
  • The Afriel Strain are mutants created by the Imperium of Man from cloning experiments.
  • Ogryns are abhumans descended from humans set on prison worlds. They are simple yet strong, muscular and brutal. They serve as assault troops.

Eldar Edit

Main article: Eldar (species)

The Eldar were once a united race. After the cataclysimic event known as The Fall Eldar have become splintered both politically and racially. The major racial varient froms of the Eldar are:

Exodites are Eldar who have setttled on the last few serviving Eldar worlds. They live in relativly basic societies compared to their fellow Eldar.

Eldar Pirates are rogue eldar from one of the other factions taken to the art of piracy they raid the ships of all other factions.

Races Afflicated with the Tau Empire Edit

Tyranids Edit

Necrons Edit

Others Edit

Slaan Edit

Extinct Edit

Laer Edit

Nurthene Edit

Megarachnids Edit

Kinebrach Edit

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