Sanctum is a planet in the Sargos Sector.

Fan speculation and released material suggests this world may be a Chaos Space Marine (World Eaters) verse Space Marine/Imperial (Black Templar) paring world.

History Edit

The planet sanctum was once home to an ancient race. This race, knowing of the sector to be prone to warp storms installed the Sentinel Devices to protect it. Since then civilization has left the world.

The Imperium of Man colonised the Sargos Sector and made Sanctum an Imperial Forge World. Imperial activities damaged the sentinel devices and the sector was once again beset by warp storms. Cut of from supplies from the Imperial worlds the warp storms the imperial garrison is assumed to have perished.

Some time in the 41st Millennium the storms across the Sargos Sector have subsided and Imperium once again returns to the sector. Imperial Guard and Tech-priests have come to the planet.

Zones Edit

Imperial Fortress Edit

Main article: Imperial Fortress

The main combat in happening on a imperial fortress on the planet. The fort appears to be controlled by Chaos Space Marines of the World Eaters Legion and "The enemies of man". The Black Templar Space Marines have just broken into the fortresses defenses, here they face Great Unclean Ones and techno-mutants of the "The enemies of man".

Trenches Edit

At another location, trench warfare between the Imperial Guard and Cultists continues. The former being supported by Warhound Class Titans and Tech-priests.

This area is less icy, with areas of forest and grass as opposed to ice and snow.

War Edit

Heresy has hit the world and both members of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Guard have turned against the Imperium. The Black Templars have found there way into the system; it is unknown whether they are crusading or were brought in by the warp.

The heresy seems strong and the activities of the World Eaters Legion and a mysterious servant of Chaos are also known to be on the planet.


  • This is the only planet in which actual gameplay footage has been seen.
  • Sanctum is latin for a holy place.