The Sargos Sector is a sector on the edge galaxy plagued by Warp Storms.

The sector was once been under direct Imperial Administration but was lost to warp storms after the Sentinel Devices set there by an ancient civilization failed.

The Sector has now returned back to real space. The Imperial Guard have been sent to the Sector, but some other disturbance means the Black Templar must also be dispatched.

Only two parts of the sector that have been seen in the game so far is the Imperial forge world, Sanctum, and Jungle world of the Orks.



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The region depicted most so far in the Sargos Sector is the Imperial titan forge world Sanctum. The forge planet is depicted as a frosted ice tundra planet. In trailers and screenshots the planet is shown to have various caverns and bases under the mountainous and glaciered land.

The planet, like all Imperial worlds, has a garrison of Imperial Guard. For some reason, probably to deal with chaos/warp activity, the Black Templar Space Marine chapter has been ordered to come to the world.

Chaos Space Marines of the World Eaters legion and a demon of Nurgle has also been seen on this world.

This is the only planet in which actual gameplay footage has been seen. A Space Marine quickly dispatches off a Chaos Cultist in the Imperium of Man announcement trailer.

Fan speculation and released material suggests this world may be a Chaos Space Marine (World Eaters) vs Space Marine/Imperial (Black Templar) pairing world.

Jungle WorldEdit

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Dark Millenium 2 BoLS
The only other world in the Sargos Sector that has been shown is a savanna world inhabited by Orks. Ork Boys were shown in both trailers living on this world.

No gameplay or other factions have been seen on this world so far.

Fan speculation suggests this world may be a Ork vs Eldar, xeno pairing world.