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Sandbox/101 Edit

AT Turrent C

A Chaos Space Marine of CHAOS

Chaos is controlled by the 4 Dark Gods or as some call the Ruinous Powers. The deal is if you join the Ruinous Powers they will gave you a small piece of they're might god power. The more you battle, worhsip and serve the more power they will give you. They will keep doing this until you become a emortal Demon Prince. They is catch and that is the more you fail the more you power is taken away and if you fail too much they will take you soul away completely, also if you get too much small gift you will become a mindless chaos spawn. The greater victory the greater rewards the greater fail the greater the punshiment

Chaos is a faction of destruction. Member of Chaos include Chaos Space Marines, Dark Mechancius Cultists, Demons and Traitor Guardsmen