One of the unnamed combatants seen in the Imperium of Man trailer has light amour and appears to be of the "Scout" Archetype.

Speculative/What is it? Edit


1. Scout Marines Edit

Scout Marines are Space Marines from the lower scout divisions of their chapters. They are deployed as infiltrators ahead of the main army.

The Scout Marine matches the class in regards to its armoury, appearance (Black Carapace armour) and combat style. A concern is that Space Marines, scouts or not, almost never use lasweapons. The only lasweapons in their arsenal are sniper rifles, which even then are not always lasweapons.

Another issue is that Scout Marines are composed almost entirely by new recruits which leaves very little space for advancement.

2. Storm Trooper Edit

The class wields almost the same weapons as an Imperial Storm Trooper. A specialist lasgun, frag grenades and Carapace armour.

The only set back is that Games Workshop's Imperial Storm Troopers are highly armoured in regards to their carapace armour and our class doesn’t seem to fulfil that category.

3. Catachan Jungle Fighter Edit

The Jungle Fighters of Catachan are a regiment of Imperial Guard from the jungle world of catachan. They were lighter versions of flak amour which does in part resemble the armour on the class.

The Jungle Fighters' weapon arsenal also matches the weapons of the class quite well.