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WH40K: Dark Millennium Online will be implementing the ability to use vehicles, as seen in the official trailer. There are currently slated to be three categories of vehicles player characters can interact with: personal craft (noncombat vehicles analagous to the "Mounts" of other MMO's), public transport (large ships everyone can use), and combat vehicles. It has been confimerd that multiple characters can occupy a single vehicle. Vigil Games General Manager David Adams has stated that Dark Millenium will employ 'cart racer' physics to govern how players control vehicles; flipping a landraider will be impossible, but running over enemies is a definite posibility.

Featured VehiclesEdit


Ork Choppa
Ork Trukk


Chaos Space Marine Bike
Chaos Dreadnought

The Imperium of ManEdit

Space Marine Bike
Scout Marine Bike
Space Marine Rhino
Space Marine Predator
Warhound Class Titan