In the 40k universe reality is divided into the materium and immaterium. The materium is everything that makes up the concrete and physical part of the universe. The immaterium is the warp, a dimension of chaotic and energies that are without natural form.

The Warp is home to an number of intelligences as well as simple raw power. These intelligences are entities of great power they are known to the major races of the world as the Daemons of Chaos. Of these there are four particularly powerful entities in the warp, these are the Gods of Chaos. Each has a particular aspect of power, those being experience, change, war and decay.

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Warp storm Edit

A warp storm is when the 'gates' between materium and immaterium are weakened. Because of this the energies of the warp are in part released and violent destructive forces render the area uninhabitable.

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